CAP Academy

  • CAP Academy functional in CAP Siechem campus at Tutipet, Pondicherry.
  • Summer camps for all the categories for Men and Women will be conducted during April and May every year. With Specialist Coaches and Support Staff, a list of 30 probables for each category will be selected and imparted training.
  • Only the selected CAP players for summer camp will be part of the camp and it will be free of charge.
  • Detailed programs for the summer camps will be announced after shortlisting CAP players for different categories of men and women.
  • The main focus areas for CAP Academy shall be to create one of the best facilities in India and to groom local cricketers of all age groups ie both men and women to have at least 4 competitive teams for each category.  The best among these 4 teams ( Red, Yellow, Blue & Green) shall be the feeder for representing the state for each category. The CAP Academy may include up to 3 guest players per team if need be so as to help local cricketers play along with them to develop their skills.