CAP Rules and Regulations

  1. Player Eligibility to represent CAP in BCCI conducted tournaments for the season 2024-25: Only those who were born in Pondicherry, Karaikal, Yanam, and Mahe or studying/employed/resident from any place in Pondicherry State prior to 01/09/2023.
  2. Player Eligibility to play in CAP or its Members’ conducted tournament/s: Any Cricketer can play as a local player in any of the CAP conducted domestic league matches/tournaments provided he/she is born in Pondicherry State or studying or employed or residing anywhere in Pondicherry state, subject to submitting details as asked in online player’s registration form/renewal forms about the name of the educational institution or employer information or Aadhaar card or any one of the valid documents such as driving license, passport, voter ID, bank account, rental agreement, etc.  Players who registered in CAP’s online application portal, accepting the terms & conditions mentioned in application/renewal forms/on-line portals, and obtains a player registration number which is valid for one cricketing season/one year whichever is earlier.
  3. Players who are banned/suspended stand to lose their registration until the same is revoked by the competent authorities of CAP. Till then, he/she will not be eligible to participate in any activities connected with CAP.  The Tournament Committee has powers to accept or reject the application of any player if they are convinced that the credentials of the player or conduct are not satisfactory.
  4. The selection for State teams, Training camps, Summer camps, inter districts, inter Schools, inter Collegiate, inter clubs, different category teams for men and women, etc., will be based on merit and more emphasis will be given for fitness and fielding standards. No player either directly or indirectly can question the selection processes or seek data/reason for selection of any player/s or should try to influence the selectors.
  5. The Selection Committee, Disciplinary Committee, CAP’s office bearers, CEO, and other relevant Committees as authorized in CAP’s management, have powers to take appropriate action on any player, support staff, match officials, ground staff, employees, vendors, and associates, if any of these is found guilty or not followed the guidelines, rules, regulations, policies, terms, and conditions, etc.
  6. CAP is not liable in any manner for whatsoever the reason, i.e. whether player/match officials/parents/teams/vendors/volunteers/coordinators/media persons or any other persons, etc., lost any of their belongings, suffered damages or injury of all nature, etc during the matches or before or after matches/practice sessions/traveling, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by the Hony. Secretary. For any disputes, the jurisdiction will be as per the contract signed by CAP.  Where the Jurisdiction is not discussed other than the matters pertaining to the Ombudsmen/Ethic Officer/Apex Body/Relevant Committees in CAP, it shall be in Honourable Pondicherry Courts/Chennai High Court.
  7. The code of conduct for any player, support staff, team officials, ground staff, employees whether directly employed or through vendors/contractors or hired for a specific assignment/s or for that matter anyone associated with CAP should not violate the terms and conditions as mentioned in CAP’s Constitution/Tournament Rules/player application forms/Contracts, etc or fudge their data or play in any of the CAP’s unrecognized tournaments without written permission as well as none of them or their agent/s are not permitted to secretly record telephone discussion/s or in the meetings or in formal/informal gathering, etc., by audio or video or photocopy form/s or go viral in social media or through e-mail, posters, etc. Anyone associated with CAP directly or indirectly involved in such Anti CAP activities/spreading false propaganda and or those who are forwarding such audio or video or photocopy messages or posting in social media or through e-mails, indulge in indiscipline and bringing disrespect to the game or tarnishing the image of CAP or its Officials or Members or Associates, may have to face Disciplinary Proceedings including suspension, ban up to a lifetime, penalties, and or criminal prosecution and other proceedings as decided by CAP’s competent authorities.
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