Neyan Kangayan 302 Not Out against Goa in Vijay Merchant Trophy

The Crown of one of The New Prince of Cricket, Cricket Association of Pondicherry is being decorated every day with new diamonds.

One among the few Guest Players of CAP for 2018-2019 season, Neyan Kangeyan, the under-16 diamond mine; buried deep under the rubbles in Chennai, dug out, dusted, cut and polished, has been decorating the Crown of CAP with stellar performance and has announced that a prodigy is getting ready to make his foot prints deep in the history of cricket with a knock of 302 not out against Goa.

Neyan Kangeyan, the Pondicherry opener for Under-16 in the Vijay Merchant Trophy, in reply to Goa’s first innings score of 274, Pondicherry’s strong reply was studded with yet another diamond with the score displayed once again his batting prowess by scoring an unbeaten 302 not out by Neyan Kangeyan.  His innings was built in 480 minutes with the first 100 reached off 198 deliveries, went on to reach 200 off 396 deliveries and finally reached the 302 not out, which includes 32 boundaries and 2 sixes off 490 deliveries. Neyan Kangeyan’s innings was well supported by Santhosh Kumar for the first wicket with a partnership of 83 Runs and by Shashank for the second wicket with a partnership of 112 runs and by Akash Pugazhanthi for the third wicket with a partnership of 21 runs and by David Allvin Nishanth for the fourth wicket with a partnership of 56 runs and by Rohan for the fifth wicket with a partnership of 49 runs and by Karthiraja for the sixth wicket with a partnership of 4 runs and ends with a total of 479/6d.

Neyan Kangeyan has crossed the mark of 600 runs with a total of 624 runs off 8 innings in five matches. Neyan Kangeyan is the only player to score a triple ton in an innings in Vijay Merchant  Trophy.

Neyan Kangeyan’s innings led Pondicherry to reach the mammoth total of 479/6d, taking a innings lead against Goa and claiming the vital 3 points to remain a strong contestant for the top spot.

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