Latika Kumari’s (156) and B.S.Tambore’s (127) Unbeaten Opening Partnership against Arunachal Pradesh Writes New Record for Pondicherry

Women’s Senior One Day Trophy 2019-20 : Pondicherry Vs Arunachal Pradesh (SLIMS Cricket Ground)

Puducherry, 22 Feb’20:
Latika Kumari, the opener and skipper of Pondicherry, opted to bat first in the Womens Senior One Day Trophy match against Arunachal Pradesh, played at SLIMS Cricket Ground, and went straight away on attack mode with her partner B.S.Tambore, who also started on top gear.

Brute attack of Latika Kumari
Just on hearing the word “play” from the umpire, Latika Kumari showed her brute power play with regular hits to the fence and reached her 50 off 47 balls and went on to score her third century (100 off 104 balls) and from there she went berserk to reach her 150 off 140 deliveries and remained unbeaten on 156 off 147 balls.

This time I will not miss – B.S.Tambore
After missing the opportunity of scoring a century in the previous match against Manipur, the fire in B.S.Tambore to score a century was more wild against Arunachal Pradesh as she equalled her partner with equal strokes and raced to her 50 off 59 balls. As Tambore was determined to score her century, she continued with little caution in not throwing her wicket and reached her 100 off 115 balls to find a place in the list of openers who have scored unbeaten ton.

Unique record for Pondicherry
With the score reaching 316 for no loss off 48 overs (two overs reduced due to rain interrupting the play), the Pondicherry openers Latika Kumari and B.S.Tambore have created a record of not being separated to write a unique record for Pondicherry.

Sedate start by Arunachal Pradesh
After having let loose the Pondicherry openers to amass 316 runs for the unbeaten opening partnership, with a target of 317 for a win, Arunachal openers Neelam Rajput and Meena started rather sedately to chase the big score. After the dismissal of Meena (12) in the fourteenth over and the other opener Neelam Rajput (20) in the 23rd over, the chance of chasing the target was almost given up by Arunachal and they eventually finished with the score 105 for 6 off 48 overs. Pondicherry bowler Divya Shanmugam took 3 for 21 as Pondicherry won by 215 runs and gained 4 points.

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