Strength & Conditioning Workshop – 2019 Two experts to tune CAP players

As a part of preparation of cricket players of different age groups of men and women for the year 2019 season and to set a standard for the players who represent the Puducherry State in all formats of the game, BCCI has selected two young qualified and talented experts to undergo “Strength & Conditioning Workshop-2019” at National Cricket Academy, Bangalore; under the aegis of BCCI, to train the qualified persons to ensure the perfect physical strength and condition of all the players. For this, Ms.Tanuja Lele and V.M.Vidya Sagar from BCCI would undergo the training stated herein to make players of Puducherry tuned to perfection for the next season.

Ms.Tanuja Lele :
The young, qualified and hardworking Ms.Tanuja Lele, hailing from Mumbai, has been selected by BCCI to undergo “Strength & Conditioning Workshop-2019” at National Cricket Academy to train the players of CAP during 2019. She has done her degree in “Sports & Exercise Science” at Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand, during 2012-2013.

Ms.Tanuja Lele has done “Master rehab trainer course” from Australia and “National Strength & Conditioning Association of America”, U.S.A., “Power Lifting Coach”.

She was also associated with “Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Sports Medicine Centre”, specialising in “Strength & Conditioning Department”. Further, Ms.Tanjua Lele was also associated with “Pink Panthers” Kabaddi Team in “Pro Kabaddi League” during 2018.

Vidhyasagar V.M. :
Hailing from Coimbatore, Mr.Vidhya Sagar is a certified “Strength & Conditioning Specialist” having been certified by the “National Strength & Condition Association”, U.S.A., and has done “Apprentice Coach Programme” under Altis, Arizona, U.S.A.

Mr.Vidhya Sagar is experienced for over a decade in the capacity of Head, Strength & Conditioning coach. He has trained Cricketers, Squash players, Swimmers, Track and Field athletes who are currently representing India at international level.

Mr.Vidhya Sagar is an athlete from a background of Track and Field and Olympic weightlifting.