The Resources from Pondicherry

To begin the journey of Cricket Association of Pondicherry the state has given its best available players for all categories of teams. The beginning is very encouraging with the total 113 players who are all residents of Pondicherry either by birth or education or on employment basis. Out of the total of 107 players registered as players from home soil 90 got the life time opportunity of being in the playing eleven to display their potential.

The state has augmented the strength from outside as guest players for all category of teams to have perfect blend and strength to match the opponents in all the tournaments and matches.  The guest players for 2018-2019, playing for CAP includes players like Abhishek Nayar, Pankaj Singh, Paras Dogra, Neyan Shyam Kangayan, Arbaaz Uddin, Nipun Sunil Gaikwad, Paras Santosh Ratnaparkhe, Sidak Gurvinder Singh, Akash Anand Kargave and consistent performers of players of all age group teams from different places.

The educational institutions and Academies in Pondicherry are also gearing up to nurture young talents to contribute their might for the next generation of cricketers from Pondicherry.