Wounded and Defeated Tiger Leaves Pug Marks On Sharks XI. Alas, Sharks Wins Last Ball Humdinger to Challenge Panthers in Final

Pondicherry T20 Tournament 2021: SF2 (Tigers XI vs Sharks XI) (Siechem Cricket Stadium, Match 32)

Pondicherry, 22 Aug’21 (04.00 PM):
What a finish for a semi-final of Byju’s Pondicherry T20 tournament! Unbeaten 51 off 33 balls by Mohit Mittan, the man of the match, and 46 off 32 balls by Premraj takes Sharks XI (162/6) to the final, defeating Tigers XI (160/6) by two runs. Chasing 163 for a win and a berth in the final, Tigers XI was in good command, but for the last ball humdinger, needing 4 runs, which could not take the team to the winning post, as only a single was possible.

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